[31]Variable-scale Modal Sparse Filtering for Gearbox Weak Fault Feature Diagnosis
Hao Xiang College of Mechanical Engineering Chongqing University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[30]A Compensation Method for MWC Hardware Based on Single Measurement
Xiaoyao Lyu College of Microelectronics,Beijing University of Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[29]Remaining Useful Life Prediction for Complex Electro-Mechanical System Based on Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
易从 段 master Guilin University Of Electronic Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[28]Fault diagnosis method of rolling bearing based on Group-Sparsity Learning
Hongjie Zhang Student 北京化工大学
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[27]Research on Ship Detection Method of Optical Remote Sensing Image Based on Deep Learning
LiXin Zhang Harbin Institute of Technology;yin hongtao Harbin Institute of Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[26]A Fault Detection Method for Dual-output Flyback Converters Using CCA
Cuiyu Liu Student Harbin Institute of Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[25]An On-orbit Calculation Method of Imaging Parameters of Medium Elliptical Orbit Satellites
dong zeying Innovation Academy for microsatellites
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[24]ConvNeXt-CNN Based Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Method for Rotating Equipment
Wenbo Zhang Beijing University of Chemical Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[21]Dynamic simulation for fault signals of cracked gear based on slice coupling theory
Fan Zhongding AnHui University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[20]Optimal measurement points evaluation for friction plate via a comprehensive analysis of correlation and clustering
Huaping Tan College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering Chongqing University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[19]High-Precision Demodulation Method of MEMS Gyroscope Signal
Jiawei Li Graduate Student Nankai University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[18]Posture Monitoring Method of Scraper Conveyor Based on Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter
Xiaodong Yan China University of Mining and Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[17]High-resolution Imaging System of MEO Remote Sensing for Emergency Applications
Yang LIU Associate Researcher Innovation Academy for Microsatellites, Chinese Academy of Sciences
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
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