[45]Reliability Evaluation of Spacecraft Subsystem Based on a Dynamic Weighted Comprehensive Evaluation Method
雪静 丁 engineer Shenzhen Aerospace Dongfanghong Satelite,Ltd
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[44]A prioritization method for combinatorial test cases based on small sample tests
sheng yunlong Shandong University of Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[43]Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Multi-Modal Variational Autoencoders
曼君 熊 master student 重庆工商大学
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[42]Research on Intelligent Diagnosis System for Highvoltage Cables Based on Partial Discharge Characteristics
Liqiang Wang 1.Wuxi Guang Ying Group Co. 2.State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co.,Ltd
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[41]An open set compound fault diagnosis method for gearboxes based on weighted domain adaptation
Zhitao Xu Beijing University of Chemical Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[38]Reaming Useful Life Prediction of Bearings Based on CNN and Encoder Layers
Jin Ye Beijing University of Chemical Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[37]Research on location method of submarine cable based on weak magnetic detection
烜城 黄 江苏方天电力技术有限公司
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[35]Simulation design of mechanical laser radar sensor based on raytrace technology
Sun Jiayu School of Electronics and Information Engineering Harbin Institute of Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[34]A Hybrid Response Driven Hierarchical Porous Flexible Pressure Sensor
zhou zhao postgraduate xi
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
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