Reliability Evaluation of Spacecraft Subsystem Based on a Dynamic Weighted Comprehensive Evaluation Method
雪静 丁 engineer Shenzhen Aerospace Dongfanghong Satelite,Ltd
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
A prioritization method for combinatorial test cases based on small sample tests
sheng yunlong Shandong University of Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Multi-Modal Variational Autoencoders
曼君 熊 master student 重庆工商大学
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Research on Intelligent Diagnosis System for Highvoltage Cables Based on Partial Discharge Characteristics
Liqiang Wang 1.Wuxi Guang Ying Group Co. 2.State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co.,Ltd
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
An open set compound fault diagnosis method for gearboxes based on weighted domain adaptation
Zhitao Xu Beijing University of Chemical Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Reaming Useful Life Prediction of Bearings Based on CNN and Encoder Layers
Jin Ye Beijing University of Chemical Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Research on location method of submarine cable based on weak magnetic detection
烜城 黄 江苏方天电力技术有限公司
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Simulation design of mechanical laser radar sensor based on raytrace technology
Sun Jiayu School of Electronics and Information Engineering Harbin Institute of Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
A Hybrid Response Driven Hierarchical Porous Flexible Pressure Sensor
zhou zhao postgraduate xi
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Model predictive levitation control for single levitation system of EMS maglev trains
Zhenyu He tongji university
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
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