Harbin, located in the center of northeast China and northeast Asia, is the capital of Heilongjiang province. With a great history being traced back to the 12th century, Harbin has a profound cultural heritage and a solid industry foundation. Since the 18th century, Harbin has become one of the cultural and industrial centers in north China . Not only having unique customs of ethnic minority in northern China, Harbin is also deeply influenced of western aesthetics, making itself a gorgeous city in combination of domestic and foreign culture and known as "Ice City", "Oriental Moscow" and "Oriental Little Paris".


Central Avenue

The Central Avenue is one of the most famous scenic spots in Harbin and is characterized as an important western architecture complex in China. The avenue was firstly constructed in 1898 with a total length of 1450m. Plenty of delicate buildings located on both side of the avenue. There are 71 European architecture and 13 reserved architecture of Baroque style and Eclectic style. Walking on the historical bricks of the Central Avenue, you will feel like being in Europe. Also, you can enjoy Harbin specialties such as Russian Western cuisine and Northeastern Chinese cuisine.

Saint Sophia Cathedral

The Saint Sophia Cathedral is firstly constructed in 1907 with height of 53.35m, occupying an area of 721 square meter. It is listed as one of the most important reserved historical relics in 1996. The Saint Sophia Cathedral is a representative symbol of the open and tolerance spirit of this city and it also promotes the construction and development of multi-culture fusion in Harbin. Entering the church, you can enjoy a musical feast.

Dragon Tower

The Dragon Tower refers to television tower of Heilongjiang Province and is one of the landmarks in Harbin. As a famous high steel structure tower with a height of 336m, it is a comprehensive multi-functional tower integrating radio and television signal transmission, tourism, catering and entertainment, advertising communication, environmental meteorological monitoring and microwave & wireless communication etc. functions. On the top of the tower, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the whole Harbin city.

Harbin Grand Theatre

The Harbin Grand Theatre is located in the Culture Center Island in Songbei district. It is awarded with the “Best Cultural Architecture” of the 2015 “ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards”. The theatre is also able to hold the highest level of concerts and performances. The existing of the Harbin Grand Theatre contributes greatly to the civilization construction of the city and provides the citizen with more colorful cultural life. 

China Snow Town

The China Snow Town is located in the southwest of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, 304.8 km away from Harbin, covering an area of 17916 hectares. The Snow Town has successively won the “National Civilized Village”, “China's Top Ten Most Beautiful Villages”, “The Most Beautiful Ecological Leisure Tourism Destination”, and “the Most Influential National Forest Park” etc. Award. The snow is fluttering every October here, and in winter, the thickness of snow can reach 2 meters deep with abundant and high-quality snow. Not only can you enjoy the snow scene, but also play snow entertainment.

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is located in Shangzhi City, 195 kilometers southeast of Harbin, with an altitude of 1374 meters and an area of 2255 hectares. The 3rd Asian Winter Games was held in Yabuli Ski Resort in 1996, which prompted it has gradually developed into the largest snow sports venue with the most advanced facilities and the most favorable conditions in China. With excellent ski infrastructure, you will have a good skiing experience.

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