[74]A Piezoelectric Impedance-based Structural Fault Detection by Using Transformer
Xian Wang Southeast University
ATTENDEE Poster Presentation
[73]Fault Pattern Recognition Method of Rolling Bearing Based on MTF-2DWDCNN
Zhiwen Xun Mr. Nanjing Tech University
PRIVATE Poster Presentation
[72]Few-label learning for fault diagnosis based on contrastive representations
Zhe Yang Dr.Yang Dongguan University of Technology
ATTENDEE Poster Presentation
[69]Remaining useful life prediction of multi-sensor monitored degradation systems with health indicator
Xucong Huang Ms student Beihang University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[68]Prosformer: Accurate Surface Reconstruction for Sparse Profilometer Measurement with Transformer
Jieji Ren PhD Candidate Shanghai JiaoTong University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[66]MT-ONet: Mixed Transformer O-Net for Medical Image Segmentation
Pengfei Zheng University of California, Santa Barbara
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[64]Blade Self-excited Vibration With Identification Of Fan Using Microphone Array
Zhendong Li Xi’an Jiaotong University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
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