A Cost-Sensitive Dense Network for Fault Diagnosis under Data Imbalance
Shuaiqing Deng Xi'An Jiaotong University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Comparision and analysis of siamese network tracker family
Zhen Shi lecturer Hangzhou Dianzi University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Effect of Pretreatment on Electrical Breakdown Performance of Insulation Oil in Submarine Oil-Filled Cable
lili li Harbin University of Science and Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Bearing Remaining Useful Life Prediction Using FNN-based Feature Principal Component and GRNN
LIAO ZHIQIANG Guangdong Ocean University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Design of Data Acquisition Module Based on VME Bus
yin hongtao teacher Harbin Institute of Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Testability design of spacecraft test equipment based on BIT
Zhao Yang Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
An Orthogonal Sparse Weight Matrix Algorithm for Bearing Early Fault Detection and Recognition
Shilong Sun Assistant Professor harbin institute of technology shenzhen
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Aero-engine Fan Acoustic Mode Detections via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Ma Boyu Xi’an Jiaotong University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Multi-Modal Variational Autoencoders
曼君 熊 master student 重庆工商大学
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
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