[59]A Cost-Sensitive Dense Network for Fault Diagnosis under Data Imbalance
Shuaiqing Deng Xi'An Jiaotong University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[56]Comparision and analysis of siamese network tracker family
Zhen Shi lecturer Hangzhou Dianzi University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[55]Effect of Pretreatment on Electrical Breakdown Performance of Insulation Oil in Submarine Oil-Filled Cable
lili li Harbin University of Science and Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[54]Bearing Remaining Useful Life Prediction Using FNN-based Feature Principal Component and GRNN
LIAO ZHIQIANG Guangdong Ocean University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[52]Design of Data Acquisition Module Based on VME Bus
yin hongtao teacher Harbin Institute of Technology
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[51]Testability design of spacecraft test equipment based on BIT
Zhao Yang Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[49]An Orthogonal Sparse Weight Matrix Algorithm for Bearing Early Fault Detection and Recognition
Shilong Sun Assistant Professor harbin institute of technology shenzhen
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[48]Aero-engine Fan Acoustic Mode Detections via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Ma Boyu Xi’an Jiaotong University
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
[47]Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Multi-Modal Variational Autoencoders
曼君 熊 master student 重庆工商大学
PUBLIC Poster Presentation
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